EDC Business Beautification Grant

PIEDC Beautification Grant ProgramPIEDC Business Beautification Matching Grant

Commercial property owners located within the Port Isabel city limits may apply for grant funding to match their own investment for beautification projects or façade improvements such as paint, doors, windows, signage, or landscaping. With this matching grant, a business investing $5,000 will be able to realize $10,000 in improvements. This $100,000 investment into the business community will result in over $200,000 in business façade improvements. That’s a substantial amount of improvement and will make a noticeable difference.

The PIEDC Business Beautification Grant goes live on September 5, 2022. Applications will be accepted until the $100,000 grant fund is exhausted. For disbursements of funds qualifying applications must be approved by the Port Isabel Economic Development Corporation. The grantee will be asked to enter into a grant agreement. The grant will be paid out to contractors, for work performed on grantee’s property or by the demonstration of qualifying reimbursement to the property owner. 

  • The property must be located within the Port Isabel city limits.
  • PIEDC Business Beautification Grant Features
  • All work must meet City of Port Isabel Building Code standards
  • Property owner must obtain three bids or demonstrate due diligence
  • Property owner must complete a Port Isabel Business Beautification Grant Application
  • Property tenant should not violate lease agreements with improvements
  • Prior to the release of grant funds, the PIEDC will inspect the improvements for compliancy
  • The PIEDC will review applications and notify applicants of status or for follow up questions
  • Applicants should bear in mind the objectives of the Port Isabel Business Beautification Grant:

                Will improvements have a positive impact on pedestrians and/or on vehicular traffic?

                Will the project preserve any historical features of the structure?

                Will the project use materials that are durable?

                Will the project be easily maintained?

                Is the contractor qualified to do the work?


Download and submit application: Port Isabel EDC Business Beautification Grant Application